osama khan

currently heads down building burrata.xyz 👀

I am interested in web3, privacy enhancing technologies, developer facing products and sailing. Fun fact: I have changed geographies and careers three times, each —  ama!

Recycle your scars for PMF expansion

Getting to product market fit encompasses running a series of experiments successfully until a product offering is realized which can be sold repeatedly. Eureka! Builders -- who can be founders or product folk -- shout and cheer when they have figured a repeatable sales process for the set of messaging, features and pricing they have been experimenting towards for sometime.

Gazing triangles

I was born in the Middle East. The (prehistoric) local culture there dictates that you don’t make eye contact with women as a sign of respect (except your wife and mother). After spending the first 15 years of my life there, I moved to Pakistan. That culture tolerated more eye contact with women, but discouraged it with elders. Not making eye contact and keeping your head down while talking to elders was a sign of respect.

On being paratroopers

Many years ago, my wife and I quit our promising careers in Karachi 🇵🇰, packed up our entire life in a few bags and moved to a new city, Vancouver 🇨🇦. This post touches upon our journey and some of the lessons we learned along the way. We have privately shared some of these tips with our new immigrant friends over the past few years and they have all benefited so I thought of open sourcing our story and learnings.